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Welcome to the Faith Christian Academy Preschool


Your child is growing up and is ready for a little more independence. Our preschool will be a perfect introduction.

Student Growth

We approach learning and teaching through child centered play and education. We have a fully equipped classroom.

Action plan

Our staff will engage with your children through a wide range of activities, including imaginative play and fun academic challenges.

Why you want Faith Christian Academy Preschool

Here at FCA we have years of experience with teaching and helping children develop. Their mental, physical, social, and spiritual well being is our primary concern. Very few preschools have such a well-rounded curriculum aimed at every aspect of child development. When your child graduates from our program, they will not only be more skilled and higher functioning, they will be better people with a solid foundation for life.

Meet Our Teachers

Ann and Becky have been the teachers here at FCA since the year 2000. They have seen hundreds of children come through this program and go on to succeed in life.

Classroom Facilities

Our preschool meets in the newly remodeled Bridgeview Church, in a classroom specifically designed to meet the needs of young children.

Our classroom has well equipped centers to maximize your child’s’ learning. Our 20+ years of experience, as well as the resources we have acquired, have helped us furnish a classroom optimized for the total child.

Education Centers

Here at Faith Christian Academy Preschool, we believe in education through play. For that reason we have established “centers” with resources to assist your child in learning new skills. Our thematic approach enables the children to learn through hands on activities such as building, dramatic play, games, circle time, art and many others.

Their motor skills, counting skills, and dexterity are all developed while playing. We are pleased to offer these methods which prove to be very successful.

Indoor & Outdoor Play

Preschoolers need recess! Many times they simply have a case of the ‘wiggles’ so we schedule daily recess. When the weather is nice, we play outside, and when the weather is not so nice, we break out the scooters and balls for organized activities inside the building. Whether inside or outside, we get the children involved in group activities. It socializes them while getting the ‘wiggles’ out and also teaches them how to respond to winning and losing.

Making Friends

Our goal is for all children to become friends. Even though there will always be some gregarious children and some who are more shy, we teach the children how to respect each other’s differences. When there are the inevitable disagreements, those occasions provide us with an opportunity to teach about forgiveness and apologies. Healthy relationships are so important for the future of your child.

We Grow Your Child

We take your trust very seriously. Thank you for believing in our preschool and our methods. We believe our job is to help your child develop to their highest possible potential and every day we meet is designed for that purpose. We follow high standards for child development and will have two conferences with you to discuss how your child is progressing. We always have time to speak with you about any concerns.

Hands On Learning

Large muscle activities Circle time Blocks Language Finger plays Group games Calendar
Math & art activities Dramatic play Songs Stories Playground Sand/water table Weather
Christmas program Manipulatives Snack Field trips Bible stories Spring program Library

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

Parents are welcome to drop by any time, and their involvement is encouraged. Parents who send a child through our program almost always will send their other children. Once families are introduced to our preschool, they fall in love with it. Our students’ parents consistently recommend us to their friends.

What The Parents Say


Whether you are searching for an application, a permission slip, or other important documents, you can find it here. We try to maintain good communication with all our families and provide detailed information to keep you well informed. Feel free to contact us with any question or concern.

  • Classes Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 11:30 am
  • Field trips for education and fun!
  • Teacher conferences to discuss student progress
  • Covid protocols in place

TWO CLASSES PER WEEK: Monday & Wednesday – 8:30 – 11:30 am

Registration fee: $25.00 | Annual Tuition: $1350.00 | Total = $1375.00

Events for the year:


Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities